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Introducing “GiddyUp Drop Ticket”

The next generation of online term submission

One Website

We’ve taken all the carrier’s online portals for term life insurance and combined them into one single webpage.

One Call Center

Most carriers outsource their tele-apps to foreign third parties. Not GiddyUp. We’ve taken control with our own call center, trained and operated here in Omaha, Nebraska.

One Process

By unifying the web interface and taking control of the call center,  we have raised accountability, accessibility, and transparency of not only the call center interviewers but the entire fulfillment process in general.

All Carriers

Okay, maybe not all carriers ;)  But we continue to add partners to our platform every quarter. Carriers have minimal desire to maintain the overhead of tele-apps and online submission, but do so out of competitive necessity.

We see this as an opportunity for BGAs to step in and take control of a weak link in the sales process.

How to use it

GiddyUp is available exclusively for Wiig-Codr producers for free.

Click on the GiddyUp logo above, or use the link on the Wiig-Codr website.

GiddyUp Participants

On BoardComing Soon
American GeneralMetLife
John HancockTransamerica
North American
Pacific Life
Protective Life
United of Omaha