Getting Started

Anxious to get started? It’s easy.

IconClipboard1   Gather Info from Client

Financial Strategy:  Income Replacement, Buy-Sell, Estate Planning, Retirement Income, Wealth Transfer

Physical:  Date of birth, height/weight, tobacco use history, current medications, recent diagnoses, family history of heart disease or cancer

IconPhone2   Contact Wiig-Codr/Contracting

Once you have a profile for your client, we’ll provide the following:

  •  Underwriting Quotes and Illustrations
  • Appointment Contracting Forms and Applications
  • Product Guides, Concept Handouts, Sales Materials
  • General advice and guidance for submitting business

IconPaperAirplane3   Submit Business

You’ve reviewed the plan with the client and are ready to move forward. Submit your application and/or appointment contracting.

  • Email, mail, fax, or drop off paper applications to Wiig-Codr.
  • Submit online if it’s available with the insurance carrier.

IconMagnify4   Underwriting

We’ll take it from here! We’ll proof read and make sure everything is in good order and get it through underwriting.

  • You will be notified by email of application submission and receive weekly updates.
  • Case Managers will communicate directly regarding any issues or missing materials.
  • Case Status is available 24/7 on our website

IconHandshake5  Approval – Issue – Delivery

As soon as we receive the underwriting decision, we will notify you immediately

  • Approval: If your client is approved other than applied for, we’ll advise you on alternative options. We’ll go to bat with the carriers to get your client the best possible rate class.
  • Policy Issue: Physical policies will first be mailed to Wiig-Codr. We proof read policies for mistakes. If satisfied, we’ll forward the policy to you for delivery.
  • Policy Delivery: Review the finalized policy with the client, sign the appropriate forms, and return to Wiig-Codr.
  • E-Delivery: Many carriers offer E-Delivery which can save you time & money

IconDollar6 Get Paid

Once all delivery requirements have been sent to the insurance company and processed, commissions are paid by the insurance company directly to the advisor.

  • Payments are made in accordance with your contracting commission schedule received at the time of appointment.
  • Commissions tracking is available via our website.
  • EFT will direct deposit and pay the fastest. Paper checks take longer and may have minimums (generally $50) that must accrue before a check is cut.
  • If your firm has an institutional agreement with Wiig-Codr, you will initially receive the max commission allowed from the carrier first, and the subsequent difference once volume bonuses are collected– typically within two months.