Holiday Spending

Holiday Shopping Statistics
Amount spent annually on holiday shopping$52 Billion
Average amount shoppers spend on gifts this year$804
Consumers who will shop online90%
Tablet owners who will shop on their device70%
Shoppers willing to pay full price for an item they want16%
Hallmark Christmas Cards purchased1.5 Billion
Shoppers looking for promotions on clothes and electronics51%
Shoppers who purchased toys33%
Shoppers who purchased gift cards23%
Shoppers who purchased home decor items21%
Total spent on real Christmas Trees$1.22 Billion
Total spent on fake Christmas Trees$685 Million

I ran a quick term quote for Buddy the Elf* and came back with $37 monthly premium for a 30-year term $500,000. Compare this with the average consumer holiday spending of $804

That’s almost two years of life insurance protection, all spent in a month on gifts. Wow. 

Let’s say we have a death claim and we invest the proceeds in a conservative account earning 3% annually. The interest alone yields $15,000. That’s 18.6 holiday seasons worth of gifts for those keeping track.

Consider “The Gift That Keeps Giving” this year. But instead of Jelly of the Month Club, try life insurance. 

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