A Sincere AIG Apology

In 2016, AIG undertook an ambitious plan to overhaul multiple legacy systems and roll them into a single new state-of-the-art policy administration system.

It did not go well.

DMV Scene from “Zootopia”

The goal was fewer delays, more proactive communication, improved underwriting, and a reduction in errors.

Instead, service across the board suffered. According to my anonymous source inside of AIG, things got so backed up at times that staff had to (gasp!) manually input data. 

AIG Shot Clock

I’ve seen this before. You know things are bad when the PR department starts rolling out mea culpas and they bring back the dreaded, self-imposed “shot clock”. Nobody likes the shot clock.

To make matters worse, AIG has damn good rates right now, making them hot as ever…adding fuel to the fire.

The good news is that it looks like the worst of the storm is behind us. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. There’s a lot of additional staff now coming online. IT is getting closer to working out the major bugs. The sun is peeking from the clouds.

If you have experienced quirky AIG bugs, long underwriting delays, late requests for forms you thought you already submitted…please accept my apology. All parties are well aware of the problem, and I can assure you it’s being addressed.

AIG remains a strong partner of Wiig-Codr. Each day is getting better, so don’t fear submitting an AIG app. They still have an outstanding, competitive portfolio– which is what matters most. Don’t let a short-term problem cost your clients long-term opportunity. This upcoming year will be an exciting one as these changes take root.

Thank you again for your patience.

Jim Codr

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