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Ask Jim or Frank for a AIG Max Accumulator+ or Value+ Protector illustration and receive a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!

AIG is shaking up their IUL portfolio. They are discontinuing their Value+ IUL and rolling out the Max Accumulator+ and Value+ Protector in its place.

See which IUL product may help meet your client's needs

Life to the MaxMax
Optimized forAccumulation and IncomeGuaranteed Protection
Target ages35-5540-70
Potential clientHigher Income or affluent with investable assetsFocused on guarantees
Small business ownersMore risk tolerant than GUL buyers
Less risk tolerant than VUL buyers but still willing to accept some risk
Client needsAccumulation and tax-protected gains for retirement income, college funding, or other cash needsDeath benefit protection for income replacement, wealth transfer or estate planning
Supplement to traditional/Roth 401(k), IRA, or 529 planEconomical alternative to GUL
No direct market exposureOpportunity to grow cash value in addition to guarantees

Both products have unique income riders to provide sizzle for the steak. AIG has hardwired the ability to turbo-charge cash values in some innovative ways.

Income for Life Rider
Select Income Rider

Income for Life is another way to pay out cash values instead of regular loans, withdrawals, or participating loans. Utilizing this rider, we can guarantee an income for the life of the insured, the trade off being the income for life payout is lower than what loans would illustrate.


I think it’s a good strategy for those that might get more conservative as they get older OR have longevity in their family and may need income for a longer time than more traditional loans can accommodate. It’s included in polices without a charge unless the rider is utilized.


The Select Income Rider spreads the death benefit when paid out. It has to be selected at issue since it changes the COIs in the policy. You can select a 10, 20, or 30 year period to spread the death benefit proceeds.


So why use it? It lowers the COIs in the policy and improves the cash value build up, therefore also improving income during loans and withdrawals. We’ve seen using it can improve the loans between 1 and 5 % to provide better income.


AIG also came out with a great interactive microsite that producers can use to help guide clients to the benefits of these products.

Give us a call today for your free cup of Starbucks! Be warned…we will follow up relentlessly….

Max Accumulator+ Producer Guide
Value+ Protector Producer Guide

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