Wiig-Codr April 2016 Update



AIG:In another step to improve customer experience, AIG has made their Term conversion product guidelines
more generous. The new rules do apply to inforce term policies and newly issued policies.  Click here to
learn more.
John Hancock:John Hancock’s strengths in underwriting cancer can help many clients with a history of this disease to
obtain better decisions.  Click here to find out more.   
Banner:LGA has introduced another OPTerm option—the OPTerm 25.  The OPTerm 25 gives your customers more
options with it’s competitive pricing in the marketplace.  Click here to learn more about the OPTerm 25.  
Lincoln National:Lincoln is pleased to announce their LifeElements Level Term pricing improvements.  Click here to see how
the new rates strengthen the product's top‐tier competitiveness.
North American:North American offers expanded underwriting capabilities in the older age market, including Super Pre‐
ferred and Preferred criteria at ages over 70.   Its just one of the Top 10 ways that North  American’s
underwriting can make a difference.  
Protective Life:Protective’s Custom Choice UL offers affordable short‐term or long‐term coverage for about the same or
less annual premium than other traditional term policies, plus unique, flexible features and benefits.  Click here to see five important facts you must consider before you sell another term policy.
Prudential:The Prudential Up Sell program is being rolled out in all distribution channels. With this program in place,
producers may be able to sell policies with larger face amounts without any additional effort. Our under‐
writers will automatically review cases for applicants that qualify for larger coverage amounts than origi‐
nally requested. Producers will be notified if the client is eligible. If the client wants the increased overage,
we'll put it in place with no additional questions or steps.  Click here to learn more. 
Symetra:Symetra is proud to introduce their new Return of Premium Rider for their guaranteed universal life prod‐
uct, the UL‐G.  Click here for the FAQs. 
United of Omaha:United of Omaha’s new Income Advantage IUL is full speed ahead.  Click here to learn more about how
this product.