You asked. We Listened. Wiig-Codr “State of the Union”


In honor of Super Tuesday, I’ve put together some brief notes for my Wiig-Codr “State of the Union” address.

The past year has been quite transformative for Wiig-Codr, so I wanted to make sure you’re up to date with everything going on. It’s been a wild and fun ride with lots of new friends and partnerships. We even managed to write some insurance along the way.

In my 11 years at Wiig-Codr, here are some of the lessons that I’ve learned which have shaped our current philosophy.

Lessons I've Learned

WorksDoesn't Work
Selling ConceptsSelling Illustrations
Focused Niche MarketsKitchen-sink approach
Marketing specific lines of expertiseMarketing specific lines of insurance
Personalized content and practical languageCompliance-approved carrier spam
Giving the agent 100% of writing agent comp (if not more) Splitting writing agent commissions (and pocketing all the perks that go with that)
Properly explaining how the product worksExpecting agents to read every PDF we send them
Late night drinking sessions with agentsLate night drinking sessions with agents!

I want you to know that we’re always working to adapt to the changing insurance brokerage market. The insurance brokerage firm model of yesterday is an endangered species. Like so many other industries, “middlemen” are being challenged to show more value– or else hit the road. Wiig-Codr is no exception.

Our goal is simple. Provide more service, with smaller margins, in a transparent manner, within a concierge-type setting. Take advantage of local face-to-face connections and service.

No problem!

We’re up for the task. Little by little, we are turning the ship to take advantage of opportunities. We’ve ditched the kitchen-sink approach and retooled to service the higher-end wealth advisor. Nowadays, our partnerships have a bit more institutional flavor. But we haven’t forgotten our P&C roots.

Check out some of the changes and enhancements we’ve made in just the past year:

  • Revamped Life Portfolio
  • Expanded Disability Portfolio
  • Expanded Annuity Portfolio
  • Entered Institutional RIA Market
  • Proprietary GiddyUp Drop Ticket
  • Rebuilt Website and Social Media Sites
  • New Commission Tracking

We’re always looking to learn and grow. Speak up! Let us know how we can improve our services in the upcoming year.

Thank you all for your business. Looking forward to another great year.

Jim Codr, LUTCF, CLU
Wiig-Codr Underwriters Co.

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