John Hancock Performance Long-Term Care

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Performance LTC™ offers a breakthrough design that will provide your clients with many of the features found in a traditional policy, while offering a more predictable customer experience. This new LTC insurance solution allows your clients to make informed decisions about their coverage so it can evolve over time to meet their financial needs and goals.

Highlights of Performance LTCTM:

  • Some of the MOST COMPETITIVE PREMIUMS in the industry
  • An INNOVATIVE FLEX ACCOUNT that clients can use in a variety of ways
  • UNPRECEDENTED CONTROL over benefits and premium

PUT YOURSELF AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE MARKET WITH PERFORMANCE LTC™ — important insurance protection that is affordable, flexible, and designed to complement your clients’ financial planning

Contact Wiig-Codr to learn more about this exciting new coverage that promises to re-energize the long-term care insurance industry.

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